Wallbaum Sessions: Gearing up for the show

What’s to come in the upcoming podcast

Wallbaum has been wanting to create a podcast for the past few years but life tends to get away from everybody from time to time. Not to mention the gear to do it. After all as with most podcasts, this will start out self produced. So as you can imagine recording software, different pieces of gear, and the knowledge base to do it, took a while to acquire.

So as the fall season creeps upon us, the end of all the pre planning comes to an end. The show will initially contain covers and our regular set of songs will be released. Later you can expect to see new songs both original and covers.

Later on you can expect to see new artists joining up with us and interviews with them to follow. You could even see a skit or two as time goes on. Needless to say as the show grows you can expect new and exciting content from every show.Continue reading